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Open Positions

Production Automation Engineer

This position will be responsible for analysis of production efficiencies and, with input from R&D, Production and Engineering, will integrate process and equipment improvements and innovate in automation. This position will report to the Director of Production.

Automation experience is a must.
CAD, industrial engineering experience and work with optical fiber are strong pluses.

Send resume to: [email protected]

Fiber Optic Technician

Entry-level position which will assist in production and R&D of fiber optic components. We will teach many of the required skills. The candidate should bring meticulous care and attention to detail and will be working with specialized precision equipment, including fiber optic splicers and optical test equipment used in processing and analyzing fiber-based components. Proficiency with a PC is a plus.

The position has many opportunities for advancement within Production and R&D as the employee is cross-trained and masters optical fiber-related skills through in-house training.

Send resume to: [email protected]

Instrumentation Programmer

This position will establish and enhance equipment and instrument integration, calibration and performance verification. This position will also optimize database design, data logging and reporting.

Reporting to the Director of Production and incorporating input from R&D and Engineering, this position will help in integrating new instrumentation into Production.

Experience with C++ and Python is required.

Arduino experience is a plus.

Send resume to: [email protected]